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Examples of Traditional Finance Calls

Cryptonairz members are taking advantage of our new TradFi section, where setups like this $2,600 profit trade are shared! This call was made on July 7, 2020.

Examples of Calls

The Cryptonairz Team

Crypto Sensei
Cryptonairz is led by Crypto Sensei Robert Doyle, an entrepreneur, researcher and cryptocurrency influencer. Doyle is the acting COO and heavily involved in the community, including leading AMAs, directing research and providing insights into projects. Doyle has been investing in crytpocurrency for years and been featured in Market Insider and LapTop Magazine. "He’s skilled at deep-dive research and utilizing market capitalization math to determine whether a token has major growth potential."

30+ Researchers
The Cryptonairz team is led by 30+ active researchers, including the Masters of Blockchain and Metaverse Masters. Our researchers connect directly with projects to go beyond the whitepaper and bring alpha back to the community.

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