How to open a Binance Account


How to open a Binance Account

Website: Binance.US

Signing up for Binance.US

Utilizing the link above visit Binance.US and complete the verification. It is important that you utilize the verification otherwise you may be limited to functions such as withdraw and trade amount which overall may be counter productive. 

How do I deposit money/ Buy/ sell / convert  crypto on Binance.US

Deposit Fiat – In order to deposit fiat into Binance.US first hover over your account name in the upper right hand and select settings. Under the settings page there will be a section that says “Payment Methods.”

  1. Banking Information 
  2. Select the “Add a New Account” button and complete the credentials for your external banking account. Once connected you will be able to transfer money from your banking account to your Binance.US account ($5,000 limit per day).

Withdraw Fiat – In order to withdraw fiat from your Binance.US hover over the “Wallet” button in the top left and select “Withdraw.” Keep in mind you will need to have an external bank account linked to withdraw funds. 

  1. Select USD (US Dollar) enter the dollar amount you are trying to withdraw and where (which bank account). 
  2. Select continue and confirm the transaction 

Buy Crypto – In order to Buy crypto select the “Buy Crypto” option

  1. Hit the Buy option and you will be prompted with a screen which will allow you to purchase crypto and also select where you would like the payment to come from (Bank Acct /USD Balance).  

Sell Crypto – In order to Sell crypto select the “Buy Crypto” option

  1. Select the Sell tab and it will prompt a screen similar to the one above where users will be able to sell their crypto.

Convert Crypto – In order to Convert crypto select the “Buy Crypto” option

  1. Select convert and select the cryptos which you would like to exchange (e.g., USDC —-> BUSD).