How to Transfer Crypto from Wallet to Wallet


Wallet Address

Wallet addresses are the unique IDs that are assigned to a wallet to differentiate between individuals on the blockchain. Certain wallets are multi-coin wallets such as Trust Wallet which is compatible with BEP-2, BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens. Other wallets such as the XDC wallet are only compatible with specific chains. 


Anytime you are sending crypto to or from one wallet to another wallet you always want to double or triple check your wallet addresses to make sure you are being accurate. The blockchain is a big blackhole and most times if you send your crypto to an unknown or erroneous wallet address it is often gone for good. We recommend you utilize the copy and paste features in order to avoid user mistakes via typing the wrong letter or key. 


Most wallets allow you to make the transaction utilizing a calculator that is in either cryptocurrency or in dollars. Sometimes it is easier to utilize one or the other in order to be quick and efficient with your time.  

Blockchain Trackers

Whenever you send crypto from one wallet to another or make a transaction on a defi platform you will always be given a transaction number. Every blockchain has it’s own website for tracking transactions. One example of this is Ethereum has Etherscan and BNB/BSC has BSCscan.