How to (Phone Application)

Signing up for


Sign up on, please note that at this moment operates only as an application within the United States, which can be found on the IOS or Android store. Once you have downloaded the application and registered for an account you can begin buying, selling and exchanging crypto.

How do I deposit money/ Buy/ sell / convert / move crypto off

  1. Deposit Fiat/Crypto
  2. allows users to purchase crypto in a number of ways which includes by linking your bank account to deposit fiat when can then be used to by crypto or by utilizing a Credit/Debit card.
    1. Link bank account – In order to link your bank account on you will select the blue logo in the middle of the screen. 
  1. Once you select the blue screen you will hit the Fiat Wallet button.
  1. Once you have selected Fiat Wallet you will be transitioned to a screen where it will ask for your banking credentials and once approved you can now move money from your bank account to your Fiat Wallet which is basically your USD account within

Credit/Debit card purchases 

  1. If users would prefer to utilize a Credit/Debit card has the ability to purchase crypto with your everyday Credit/Debit card. General information such as card number, expiration date, CVV, first and last name is required but once input you can buy up to $40,000 per week.
  1. Purchasing Crypto on
    1. Once you have linked your bank account or Credit / Debit card users can now purchase crypto by hitting the logo on the main page, select Buy twice and you will see a list of crypto’s for purchase. 
  1. Select the crypto you would like to purchase, for example CRO and you will be taken to another screen where you can change the dollar amount or amount of crypto you would like to purchase and execute your trade. Please note that you can elect to pay from your Credit Card / Debit Card, Crypto Wallet (Existing Cryptos you hold) and your Fiat Wallet. Select “Buy CRO” for this example and your purchase will be made. 

Selling crypto on

Selling crypto on is similar to buying crypto as discussed above. Users will hit the blue button, and will hit the Buy Button. Once you select the buy button you will see another prompt which has the ability to Sell. Select “Sell.”

  1. Once you select “Sell” you will be prompted with a list of crypto’s within your portfolio which can be sold. Once sold users can elect to sit their fiat in something like USDC or just to straight fiat which can be deposited if a bank account is linked to the account.