Presearch Node Video:


Presearch is a decentralized and security driven search engine which rewards users of the search engine as well as node providers on the network. The Cryptonairz team as a whole has more than 400 Presearch node and is a proud part of Presearch. 


Docker is a platform for designing, building, and launching “containers,” which are isolated environments containing all the software and configuration files necessary to run a service or application

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

For the purpose of the Preasearch Nodes you will utilize a VPS which will run your node so that you do not need to have a computer on 365x24x7. The VPS will act as your computer and as such will need to be rented from vendors such as RackNerds (see our partners and affiliates section). 

Further Information

If you watched this video and are still having issues, problems or just can’t figure it out please visit us in Discord and as for a moderator who will then schedule time to walk through your issue for you.