How to use Shiba Swap


As always when it comes to utilizing any sort of decentralized exchange make sure you are connecting your wallet to the correct website. Once connected you will be able to utilize Shibaswap using Meta Mask, Coinbase Wallet or Wallet Connect. 

Shibaswap features

Dig: This allows users of Shibaswap to migrate to UNI V2 or SLP tokens to earn Bone.

Fetch: This allows you to swap tokens utilizing Uniswap.

Bury: This allows you to stake your Shiba and gain Shiba in return.

Swap: This allows you to swap Shiba or other tokens. 

Why Utilize the Bury Feature? 

This feature again allows you to stake various tokens related to Shiba such as Shiba, Leash and even Bone. Doing this will provide APY and you are paid in the token you are staking.